BionicWP Hosting Review: True Managed WordPress Hosting

Whether you are a freelancer, agency, or a small business owner, BionicWP provides best managed WordPress hosting to all. Read BionicWP Hosting review to get in-depth details about its features and pricing.

The BionicWP hosting is meant not just for speed but also for security. It is for this reason that top bloggers around the world recommend its services. You won’t have to worry about security updates, backups, and speed as you get everything in one package.

Let us learn more about BionicWP in this exclusive BionicWP hosting review.

About BionicWP


BionicWP is a true managed WordPress hosting provider with all the tools in one package. Digital marketers, and agency owners trust BionicWP for its superior hosting services.

Renowned bloggers from around the world have migrated their website to bionicWP and never looked back. 

With incredible fast page loading speed and amazing customer support, BionicWP does a great job. 

You build websites effortlessly, and BionicWP reduces the complexities with simple, fair solutions. 

Over 1000+ websites have been launched on BionicWP servers in a span of just one year. You can migrate and test your site for free. It’s your time now! 

Launch and host your WordPress sites today with the BionicWP way. 

BionicWP Hosting vs Other Managed WordPress


If you are looking for a better BlueHost alternative or WPEngine alternative, then choose BionicWP. If you want to know the difference, then let the BionicWP team migrate your site to their staging server. You can test your site speed and if the speed is slow, you get paid $100.

Look at why most of the businesses are migrating their WP sites to BionicWP managed WordPress services.

After comparing BionicWP with other managed WordPress hosting alternatives, you can see the following differences.

BionicWP plan starts at just $25/month with one simple plan. No other BionicWP alternatives provide a free test before buying the plan. 

All the plans include managed security, and server level caching. The plan guarantees Google PageSpeed scores and GTmetrix scores for speed tests. 

No other BionicWP alternative provides weekly performance review for speed and load times.

Over 10 global data centers allow you to choose the closest one to your location. Along with the basic support, BionicWP provides advanced WordPress support with unlimited edits.

Your site is always updated with the latest core, theme, and plugin updates. The BionicWP ticket support is there 24/7, so you need not worry about security & other issues.

BionicWP Hosting Features


There are tons of features all in-built in a single plan, s o you don’t have to waste time in choosing the best plan.


The most important factor when choosing a managed WordPress host is security. BionicWP security features will amaze you as it performs daily malware scanning. Your WordPress site is kept safe from hackers with a protective shield. Since, it’s managed WordPress hosting, so only WordPress sites get this feature. To strengthen the security more, you get a WAF firewall installed as it protects your site from malicious attacks. 

Performance Insights:

After migrating your site to BionicWP managed WordPress hosting servers, you will see that the speed of your site has increased. BionicWP guarantees 90+ GTMetrix scores and 90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores. You won’t believe how drastically your conversion rate increases by up to 30%. The better the page speed, the more number of users you would generate on your site. Want to know the magic behind such powerful speed? The BionicWP plans use Google C2 high compute instances with premium tier bandwidth. Use of latest technologies like Nginx, FCGI, PHP 7.4, MariaDB with LXD provide high performance. How can we leave the CDN feature that provides server level caching to boost site performance.

White-Label Solution:

Whether you want to change site content or make image changes, you don’t need a team to do it. Simply open a ticket and the BionicWP team will take care of it. You can save time and money as you no longer have to worry about spending your crucial time or hiring an expert. Updating plugins and optimizing your site can be done from a single white-label dashboard with just one team. Most of the support tickets are replied in just 15 minutes during business hours and resolved the same day. 

Site Management:

Managing backups and updating plugins now doesn’t require your clicks. Auto-backup and auto-update saves your time and lets you focus on other important tasks. All the plugins and themes get automatically updated along with the core updates. You won’t have to sit for long hours waiting for the plugin updates one-by-one. You can use the staging feature to run several tests on your site before going live. With a comprehensive staging environment, your site won’t be affected. The rollback option allows you to go back into the history if the changes you made were not good.

BionicWP Hosting Pricing:


BionicWP managed WordPress hosting pricing is simple and transparent. You pay only for the number of sites you run and manage. To run a single website, you have to pay $27.5 per month including advanced security features.

You can choose addons like transactional email, bionic speed, weekly form check, and unlimited edits.

A single website plan comes with 5 GB disc space, 50 GB CDN bandwidth, and 20,000 visitors. Not to forget, unlimited free site migrations.

Why Choose BionicWP Hosting:

In the last section of BionicWP hosting review, I will tell you some incredible reasons before making a purchase.

  • Sign up for a staging environment and get a 90+ GTMetrix & Google PageSpeed score. BionicWP is the only true managed WordPress hosting that allows you to test your site on a free staging environment.
  • Whether you have a single website or 100+ websites, the BionicWP team will migrate your sites for free.
  • At no additional cost, your site will be recovered from hacks.
  • Sleep peacefully and get the plugins, theme and core updates done for you. You don’t need to spend extra money for any other software to perform updates. With a single solution, you get everything managed effortlessly. 
  • Weekly speed test is performed to check the speed of all the sites. If there is a drop in the speed, the team addresses this issue on top priority. 
  • The real-time monitoring of all the sites in every one minute identifies issues with any sites.
  • Before hitting the publish button, you can perform site staging and then go live.
  • The unlimited 30 minute edits, you don’t have to pay a penny extra for simple edits. Edits like text changing, installing plugins, and changing address is included. 
  • The white-label support handles your client’s request inside a shared inbox. 
  • Support via chat and email 24/7. 


At the end of the BionicWP hosting review, we can conclude that it is the best alternative to other hosting providers.

At an affordable cost, you get bundled features with effortless site management. Try your site speed test for free right now with the BionicWP staging environment.